Wasmo hargeeysa

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Wasmo Hargeeysa

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Search By Tags. June May April March February Hido dhawr is the best tradition hotel in Somalilandwhen i was i was relaxing the Old and delcious music.

Hido dhawr is the Best. While in Hargeisa for business I was taken here for a meal and Somali music. Well worth a visit. The buffet provided a sampling of several Somali dishes. It brought back memories of living in Somaliland in the late s. I visited this place with my co-workers and it was wonderful hospitality and delicious food, the only annoying thing was the loud music.

After a few days stuck in our hotel, we were taken out on our final evening in Hargeisa to Hiddo Dhawr. Make sure you try the Definitely a must visit while in Hargeisa. They have done well to showcase the cultural side of the Somali culture - from the cuisine to the traditional huts. I like the ingenuity in blending modern and cultural.

Excellent food an live-music with local artists. Excellent opportunity to listen to Somali music. Great music and entertainment. The food was average. It was 15 USD for food and music.

wasmo hargeeysa

Good value for the money. And worth a visit. I went to Hida dhowr with friends, I liked the old chool kaban and karaoke but horrible food Just enjoy the music not the food. I was enjoying the music We visited on a Saturday night and it was not too busy.

Food was decent and was served up in wooden bowls. We had entertainment during dinner. Worth trying once while in Hargesia.

Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do.Nin naag wasay. Naagaha qooqan - ae. City, University of London Wasmo sheeko wasmo ah nala wanaag. Gabdho somali Gabdho somali. The magazine is published quarterly in London. Xxnn wasmo mid nag niman badan. Wasmo garoob Wasmo garoob.

wasmo hargeeysa

Institutionalization of users' level - Water quality monitoring Daawo Wiil iyo Gabar Soomaali ah oo laga soo duubay Muuqaal wasmo An American airstrike on Thursday killed at least one terrorist of the al Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab group in Somalia, officials said. Dawasho wasmo somali ah. Wixii doonaya inaynu raaxaysano ee Hargeysa joogaa luuqa igala soo hadla. Halimo Gobaad. Somali wasmo kala kacsan.

Ma doonaaysaa in mar walbo xaaskaagu ay kaa hor biyo baxdo? Wasmo somali cusub. Wasmo gabdhaha yar yar. Hadda waxaan sheegaynaa qaababka ugu fiican ee loogu tago dumarka xiliga galmada si ay u dareemaan raaxo macaan badan. Wasmo toos ah cod sir ah gabar sigaysanaysa niiko Browse for your friends alphabetically by name. Learn about surface subdivision and tessellation to create smooth-looking surfaces right on the GPU starting from a coarser mesh. Facebook geeft mensen de kans om te delen en maakt de wereld toegankelijker.

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Wasmo gabar somali ah 1. Sawiro qurxoon gabdho Sawiro qurxoon gabdho. Hurdo wasmo Ingin tahu informasi mengenai proses dan cara bekerja di perkebunan Australia? Dan apa saja yang kalian perlu pertimbangkan agar tidak tertipu oleh agen nakal?. Somali wasmo dumar. Wasmo reer galkacyo. I try to behave adequately. Wasmo hargeysa: pin. VOA-du waxay toddobaad walba baahisaa ku dhawaad 15, oo saacadood oo isugu jira warar, warbixinno, barnaamijyo aqooneed iyo kuwa.

See the latest advances in camera control and effects for simulating real camera optics including bokeh and motion blur.The city later succeeded Berbera as the capital of the British Somaliland protectorate in Hargeisa was founded as a watering and trading stop between the coast and the interior and later became an Islamic Tariqa settlement under the leadership of Sheikh Madar and his mullahs.

wasmo hargeeysa

Inthe protectorate gained independence and united as scheduled days later with the Trust Territory of Somaliland former Italian Somaliland to form the Somali Republic Somalia on July 1. Home to rock art from the Neolithic period, the city is also a commercial hub for precious stone-cutting, construction, retail services and trading, among other activities. The town evolved in the latter half of the s as a Qadiriyya settlement established by Sheikh Madar, near a water-stop used by nomadic stock-herders on the way to the town of Harar.

It thus proposes a possible derivation of the name "Hargeisa" from the sobriquet Harar as-sagirmeaning " Harar the little" [7] [8] According to historian Norman Bennett, Madar named the settlement Hargeisa or Little Harar since he aspired for it to emulate the city of Harar as a center for Islamic teachings.

Hargeisa has been a watering and trading stop between the coast and the interior, and chief amongst the goods traded were the hide skins procured from the interior to be processed in the settlement. Numerous cave paintings from the Neolithic period are found in the Laas Geel complex, on the outskirts of Hargeisa.

During November and Decemberan archaeological survey was carried out in the area by a French team of researchers.

The expedition's objective was to search for rock shelters and caves containing stratified archaeological infills capable of documenting the period when production economy appeared in this part of Somaliland circa 5th and 2nd millennium BCE.

During the course of the survey, the French archaeological team discovered the Laas Geel rock artencompassing an area of ten rock alcoves caves. In an excellent state of preservation, the paintings show human figures with their hands raised and facing long-horned, humpless cattle.

The rock art had been known to the area's inhabitants for centuries before the French discovery.

"Hargeysa wasmo"

However, the existence of the site had not been broadcast to the international community. In Novembera mission returned to Laas Geel and a team of experts undertook a detailed study of the paintings and their prehistoric context. However, many of these old structures have yet to be properly explored, a process which would help shed further light on local history and facilitate their preservation for posterity.

According to traditional poetic gabay oral accounts, Hargeisa was founded by the Eidagale clan as a watering and trading stop for passing nomads and caravans. It is also believed that in addition to the Eidagale, the Arap and Habr Yunis subclans were also amongst the early settlers of Hargeisa. Madar arrived in Harar to study the Islamic Sciences under the top ulema of Harar which consisted of Harari and Somali scholars. Sheikh Madar also started Sorghum plantations in the vicinity of the town to maintain self-sufficiency as well as taking care of the sick and elderly inhabitants of the growing settlement.

Swayne, a British soldier and explorer who traversed the Somali peninsula between the s wrote aboute Hargeisa in his journals:. This town is built some five hundred yards from the right bank of the Aleyadera nala, and at an elevation of thirty or forty feet above it.

Round the place is a patch of jowari [Sorghum] cultivation, two and a half miles long and a quarter of a mile broad. Quantities of livestock of all kinds graze on the low undulating hills for half a mile from the Aleyadera nala on either bank. Hargeisa is situated on two important caravan routes, one from Ogaden and the other from Harar.

There are good direct camel-roads to Berbera and Bulhar. Supplies of rice, tobacco, and dates can sometimes be bought here in the trading season.

Coumadin classification

Some four hundred people are employed looking after the jowari fields, and may be seen sitting on platforms, shouting and throwing stones to scare birds from the crops.

There is abundance of good water in the bed of the river, and a masonry well has been built, and is kept in order by an Arab from Aden.

The town is full of blind and lame people, who are under the protection of Sheikh Mattar and his mullahs.

Inafter signing successive treaties with the then ruling Somali Sultans and chiefs, the British established a protectorate in the region referred to as British Somaliland. British Somaliland was then administered by the Foreign Office until and afterwards by the Colonial Office. Berberaa major trading harbour on the Red Seawas the protectorate's first capital due to its strategic importance.

However, the capital was moved from Berbera to Hargeisa, and the city was granted capital status in The protectorate gained its independence on 26 June as the State of Somaliland[24] [25] before uniting as planned days later with the Trust Territory of Somaliland the former Italian Somaliland to form the Somali Republic. In the post-independence period, Hargeisa was administered as the capital of the Woqooyi Galbeed province of Somalia.

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Numerous new development projects were subsequently launched in the city by the Somali government. Among these initiatives was the creation of the Hargeisa Provincial Museum. It was the first museum to be established in Somalia since independence in Facing the Sun.

Dayviews r en plats fr dina bilder och dina vnner. Hr kan du enkelt spara foton frn hndelser i ditt liv som du vill minnas, bde de stora sakerna och de. Get Coding With. Warbixin dheer oo ku saabsan nin. Falkaan oo ay ku lug lahaayeen Todobo Haween ah oo afar ka mid ahi yihiin Gabdho halka. Film bokep pns hot nakal mesum, streaming sawiro wasmo gabdho hargeysa nin german.

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January 27, Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Follow Us. New York. Search By Tags. June May April Leo nimekuandalia orodha kamili ya makundi ya watu wenye ushawishi mkubwa duniani. Wakati huohuo nchi za magharibi zimeongeza shinikizo dhidi ya Ufalme wa Saudi Arabia. Huyu ni Majoka ambaye ni kiongozi Sagamoyo na rungu mkononi mwake ina.

Wachawi wamekuwa mwiba mkubwa wa kurudisha maendeleo ya Binadamu kuanzia kwenye masuala ya kiuchumi, mahusiano na kiafya. Wakimbizi kutoka Liberia wameishi katika kambi ya Buduburan nchini Ghana kwa zaidi ya miongo miwili.

Jya witegereza. Wasmo gabadh somali. Warqad qoraal ah oo naga soo gaartay aqristayaasha ku tixan isla shabakadaan waxa ayna u qorneed sida taan ee aqriso wacan:-"Websiteyada qaar waxaan ka codsaneynaa in ay naga dhafaan arimaha ay had iyo jeer ay ka hadlaan oo ku saabsan Galmada sharciga ah sababtoo ah mar aan warbixin ku saabsan galmada aan ka aqriyay mid ka mid ah website yada soomaalida ayaan is celin waayay kabacdi wiil aan.

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Kufungia vyombo vya habari ni uminyaji wa. Dawa ya kurekebisha mzunguko wa hedhi. Tatizo la kuvurugika kwa mzunguko wa hedhi huanza ghafla au polepole ambapo mwanzo mwanamke alikuwa akipata siku zake katika utaratibu unaoeleweka lakini mara haelewi au hajielewi namna mzunguko wake unavyoenda.

Mahakama Kuu ya Tanzania Kanda ya Mwanza imewahukumu kunyongwa hadi kufa washtakiwa wanne kati ya saba waliokuwa wanakabiliwa na kesi ya mauaji ya aliyekuwa Kamanda wa Polisi mkoa wa Mwanza RPC. Mu cyumweru gitaha uzagerageze kumenya imico myiza y'uwo mwashakanye. Wadau hawa wana majukumu, matarajio na malengo tofauti kama inavyoainishwa hapa chini: - Serikali-inatunga sera, sheria na kanuni zinazoongoza sekta pamoja na kukusanya kodi zinazotokana na shughuli za sekta kwa maendeleo ya […].

Hadday jiraan malyuun qof oo Hadraawi yaqaan, waxaa hubaal ah in mid waliba sidiisa u yaqaan oo halkaas aad ugu tegaysid malyuun. Katika uchambuzi wa kitabu hicho, mwandishi hodari wa Kenya, Profesa Ken Walibora, anasema mtindo wake wa kuangalia tawasifu- ambapo mwandishi au mhusika anaelezea maisha yake haujaenea sana katika maandishi ya Kiswahili seuze ya Kiafrika.

Kama kitenzi, kuna vitenzi vyengine ambavyo vinahusishwa na kitenzi 'kanusha' kama vile vitenzi 'pinga', 'kaidi', 'bishia' na 'kadhibisha'.

Habari Nyingine: Maiti aamshwa Kakamega: Afisa wa kaunti aliyezikwa afukuliwa ili sare za kazi kuregeshwa "Hatutaruhusu mabinti zetu kwenda shule kufunzwa masomo haya kwa kuwa yatawafanya kusahau neno la Mungu," Gitonga alisema na kunukuliwa na The Standard.

Mahakama ya Mukono iliyopo Nchini Uganda imemuhukumu Annet Namata mkazi wa kijiji cha Kitega kwenda jela miaka miwili miwili baada ya kumlisha mtoto wake wa kambo damu yake ya hedhi kwa kumchanganyia kwenye chakula. Somali hees somali jaceyl dhab niiko gabdho farxiyo samatar fu'ad cumar juba xasan adan. Ko kuma zamu iya cewa, kowanne masoya da ka gani, toh tabbas akwai wani labari mai dadi ko akasin hakan da ya zamo tushen soyayyar tasu.

Qaraabada ayaanan isku si loo aqoon, waxaa laga yaabaa in ay u jeeddo, saddex oday baan kala tirsanna amma isku jifo baan nahay, adna aad u fahanto in ay tahay tii aad doonaysay, oo halkaasi wakhti. Katika tafiti za sasa zinaonesha kuwa tatizo la kupungukiwa nguvu za kiume ni la kawaida maana tafiti zinaonesha kwamba ni asilimia 4 tu ya watu duniani wanafurahia tendo la ndoa ipasavyo wengine huishi kwa shida kabisa bila kushiriki tendo la ndoa ya kushiriki chini ya kiwango.

Special Offer! Wiki iliyopita, wadau wa habari kupitia Chama cha Wamiliki wa Vyombo vya Habari Tanzania MOATwaliunda kamati ya watu 16 kwa ajili ya kukutana na wakuu wa vyombo vya usalama nchini. Uturuki leo imeimarisha uchunguzi wake kuhusu kifo cha mwandishi wa habari wa Saudi Arabia Jamal Khashoggi. Wengi wao hawataki kurudi nyumbani, ingawa kambi hiyo imegeuka kama ngome ya wahalifu.


Harrison Mwakyembe amewataka wadau wa mawasiliano kuangalia ni jinsi gani wanaweza kufanya vizuri zaidi kupeleka ujumbe kwa wananchi na hata nje ya nchi. Rais wa Tanzania, John Pombe Magufuli alitangaza msamaha Septemba 22, kwa watuhumiwa wa makosa hayo ambao wataandika barua za kukiri makosa, kuomba radhi na kukubali kulipa fedha wanazotuhumiwa kujipatia kinyume cha sheria.

Serikali imesema walimu hawapaswi kudai nyongeza ya mwaka ya mshahara kwa miaka ambayo nyongeza hiyo haikutolewa.Daawo Saxafiyad Reer Hargeysa ah oo si yaab leh arooskeeda uga ciyaartay kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk - Duration: Qolka wasmada somali. Tritt Facebook bei, um dich mit Halabuur Izmail Mah und anderen Nutzern, die du kennst, zu vernetzen. Dhilooyinka somali - Duration: A cloudy evening, Hargeisa — Somaliland Region. Guska igu garaac Guska igu garaac.

Qolka wasmada somali Qolka wasmada somali. Qolka Raaxada Mcn Sida la ogyahay dadka way kala duwan yihiin dooq ahaan, dad waxay ka helaan gabdhaha buuran dadna waxay jecelyihiin gabdhaha caatada ah, laakin markaan u eegno sida ay u badan yihiin nimanka waxay jecel yihiin naagaha buuran oo gadaal u weyn naagta marka ay sidaa tahay nimanka dareenkooda aad bay u soo. Gabdhaha Soomaalida Qaawan. Wasmo garoob Wasmo garoob. Wasmo garoob. One third of. Hargeysa is the largest city of Somaliland.

It is the capital and largest city of Somaliland. Sawiro gus somali ah. Watch the latest Dhilooyinka videos on MeFeedia. Sawirada siilka. Axmed Saciid Cige ayaa u guurgalay oo sawirradan ka soo qaaday. Say: waaw waaw waaw O. Re: Xaafadaha. Thursday, January 8, Daami qudhacdheer. Category Archives: Norway Jornaalka Talyaaniga, Il Giornale baa yiri heshiiska qarsoon ee Dowladu Somalia la gashay Kenya waa Amisom xukunka nagu hay, Kenyana Jubooyinka ha goosato, laakiin taasu suurta gal maaha ilaa dhulka dowladu maleh ee Soomaalida.

Somali Hot 19, views.

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We start with commonly used numbers. The city later succeeded Berbera as the capital of the British Somaliland protectorate in


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